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第15课 裸奔 - Streaking

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M: Hi Patrick, what's up?

Y: What's up?

P: Man, Marc and Yang Chen, the economy is so bad these days. My boss just cut my salary.

M: Well at least you didn't lose your job.

P: But don't worry, I know how to make some extra money: bet on the World Series!

Y: 你要拿职棒大联盟比赛打赌。 你忘了上次赌马你输了两千块?

M: What? Patrick lost $2000 betting on horse racing?

Y: Yes, he did.

P: Don't worry, this time it's in the bag.

Y: 放在口袋里?

P: When you say something is "in the bag," it means that you're totally confident it's going to work out. And I'm totally confident.

Y: 稳操胜券。 But how?

P: Well, I've got tickets to the game. So if the team I don't want to win gets an edge, I'll just streak across the field and they'll stop the game!

Y: Ah, 你不希望赢的那个队占优势的时候,你就要streak across the field来扰乱比赛。 你说的这个streak across the field 到底要作什么?

P: I'm glad you asked. But I'll tell you right now. Streaking is when you run through a public event naked.

Y: Did you say naked? 裸体? 你真的要在球场上裸奔?

P: 没错。

M&P: Yang Chen, are you OK?

Y: No I'm not.

P: I'm just kidding. I won't do it. My dignity is worth more than $2000.

Y: Wait, Marc, where are you going?

P: No, don't.

M: You might not do it, but my dignity is worth $2000.