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第14课 赌马 - Betting on the Horses

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P: Hey, Yang Chen, Can I borrow a few bucks?

Y: Borrow money? 当然没问题。But why?

P: I put all my money down on the horse race, but the horse I bet on didn't win.

Y: Betting on horse racing, 赌马? Hey, young man, you really shouldn't gamble.

P: You sound like my mother. Well, I usually don't bet on horse racing; but this time I figured if I made a bet on this horse, I'd have a very good shot at making some money, Yang Chen.

Y: 你为什么觉得自己have a very good shot赢钱的机率很大?

P: The horse I bet on has already won two races, so I thought it would be a safe bet.

Y: A safe bet,保险的赌注? Hahaha, 真好笑。If you gamble, you have to take chances.

P: I guess so.

Y: 你看我, I placed my money on the dark horse. 那匹本来不被人看好的黑马,结果我赢了一大笔。

P: Oh - wait a minute, you bet on horse racing too? I thought you were against any form of betting or gambling.

Y: 小声点。小心别人听见。

P: OK. I'll just tell people that you didn't bet on horse racing.

Y: Stop it.

P: So how much did you win?

Y: Two thousand dollars.

P: That's exactly how much I lost.

Y: 真的?看来得分给你一半儿才公平。Here is half.

P: That's very kind of you. Are you sure you want to share the money with me?

Y: You bet.

P: Don't even mention the word "bet". I'm done with betting!!!

I'm going to the library now to study for my exam.....

Y: Hey, Patrick, 下星期还有赛马。 Let's bet on it.

P: You scare me, Yang Chen, I think you are turning into a gambler.