UN Votes to End Peacekeeping Operations in Haiti on Oct. 15



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UNITED NATIONS —The U.N. Security Council has voted unanimously to completely end its peacekeeping operations in Haiti on Oct. 15 and establish a political mission to support government efforts to promote order and development in Latin America's poorest country.

U.N. military peacekeepers had left the country on Oct. 15, 2017, but a stabilization group stayed behind to train national police, help the government strengthen judicial and legal institutions, and monitor human rights.

The resolution approved Friday gives a final six-month period for such operations and asks Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to plan a political mission.

It acknowledged Guterres' recent report citing "the increased capacity, leadership, and crime prevention operations" of Haiti's police.

The country's leaders had asked the U.N. to allow Haitian authorities to fully assume responsibility for security.