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第46课 冰球守门员 - Hockey-Goalie

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Y: Hi Patrick, 你在看什么?

P: I'm watching the hockey game. Bruins vs. Islanders. It's pretty intense.

Y: Oh yeah, it's pretty intense,是不是因为你run out of snacks?

P: No Yang Chen. It looks like one of the players on the Bruins is about to score a hat trick.

Y: A hat trick?

P: A hat trick is when one player scores three shots in one game.

Y: Oh yeah, 我想起来了,你上次讲过: 一个队员进了三个球,就是a hat trick,然后大家都往球场扔帽子。

P: Right! So if it happens, people might throw their hats.

Y: Patrick, 你也应该score a hat trick.

P: Why is that?

Y:因为你的发型太奇怪了。You need a hat.

P: Can we just watch the game?

Y: OK. 那今天谁要赢了?

P: It looks like the Bruins are going to win this one. Their goalie is a brick wall tonight.

Y: 什么是goalie?

P: The goalie is the person who stays at the goal and guards against the puck.

Y: 噢, goalie就是守门员。 你刚才说他像一堵砖墙挡在那儿,a brick wall,对方没法进球,对不对?

P: That's exactly right. Not a shot has gone in. He's unstoppable.

Y: Hmm, 我觉得你也会是一个很好的 goalie .

P: Why?

Y 因为你头很大,and you have a big ego.

P: Oh man, Boston has the puck and it looks like they're setting up for the hat trick.

Oh and he did it! Oh well.

Y: Boston scored a hat trick, 那你应该高兴啊。

P: I'm an Islanders fan.
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