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第20课 高尔夫球 - Golf

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Y: 大家好。我是杨晨。

M: 我是Mark.

Y: Mark,你真好,不像Partrick, 只会带我去打put-put golf,迷你高尔夫。

I'm really excited to play regular golf today.

M: I enjoy play regular golf too. Any sport that let's you drive around in little cars and smoke cigars while you're playing has got to be awesome.

Y:No physical exercise required at all! 可是你说还要smoke cigars抽雪茄?

M: You don't have to if you don't smoke. Now come on, are you ready to tee-off ?

Y: Yes, I'm ready.

M: This course is a par 72.

Y: A what 72?

M: A par 72. The par of a golf course is the number of strokes it should take to complete it.

Y: Par72就是高尔夫球术语里的标准72杆。

M: Right. If you are 5 under par, that means you used five shots less than the average to finish the course.

Y: 那 under par 在高尔夫球里是好事,对不对?

M: Exactly! But in everyday usage, being under par is not a good thing.

Y: 为什么?

M: If something is not as good as it should be, you can say that it is sub-par. For example, my Chinese skills are sub par.


Y: How can you say that? 大多数老美还不会说中文呢。

M: That's true. Actually, you could say that in America, not speaking Chinese is par for the course. When something is par for the course, that means that it is normal, or average.

Y: 就是正常的, 理所当然的。我可不可以说 for Patrick, being lazy is par for the course.

M: Ha, well I guess you're right. But we shouldn't talk behind his back.