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第19课 迷你高尔夫球 Putt putt golf

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Y: 今天我和Patrick打高尔夫球。

P: I'm teaching Yang Chen, well, I'm trying to teach Yang Chen how to play golf.

Y: Are you sure this is a golf course?

P: This place is great, Yang Chen. OK, what were you expecting?

Y: Well, I was hoping to meet Tiger Woods. 这儿都是小孩儿,简直就像个游乐场。

P: It's sort of like an amusement park. We call it putt putt golf, or just putt putt.

Y: Putt putt, 听起来好可爱。

P: Yeah, for children such as yourself, Yang Chen. So anyway, Putt putt golf means miniature golf.

Y: 噢,迷你高尔夫球。So it's not a real golf course.

P: Well, Yang Chen, if we went to a real golf course we would definitely be the worst players on the course, especially you.

Y: No, you are the worst player.

P: But here we play with little kids so we can kick their butts!

Y: Oh god, 欺负小孩子, Shame on you.

P: No shame. I do it all the time. Stop complaining and grab a club. Let's tee off.

Y: Tea? 喝茶?

P: No, you spell this tee T-E-E, it's a small peg that holds the golf ball.

Tee off means to start a round of golf. You can also use 'tee off' in everyday life when you start something.

Y: Tee就是高尔夫球的球座。 Tee off就是开始。我们的老板昨天 teed off the staff meeting with a great speech. Don't you think?

P: You don't have to 拍他的马屁. He can't hear you right now. So let's just play some putt putt and kick some little kids' butt butt.

Y:OK. Let's tee off.
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