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第18课 骑自行车 - Cycling

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Y:Wow Patrick, look at you.

P: Why are you looking at me like that? Is there anything wrong with my outfit?

Y: It's just too tight. 在办公室穿这么紧的衣服。

P: Yang Chen. For your information I'm training for cycling race. These clothes make me more visible and reduce wind resistance. You know, 减少阻力。

Y: 你在训练骑自行车。

P: I'm training to get faster. Do you like riding bicycles?

Y: Of course I do.

P: So you do ride a bike.

Y: 不过我骑车是为了get around , 当交通工具, not for a race, 不是为了参加比赛。你训练用什么样的自行车啊?

P: I ride a 10-speed road-bike. That means it has two gears on the front and five on the back.

Y: 我的自行车只有三个档,only three gears.

P: For going slow, slower and slowest?

Y: Very funny. Who asked for a comedian?

Anyway, 你今天训练得怎么样?

P: Pretty good, but I dropped my chain.


P: No, not my chin, I dropped my chain, on the bicycles' gears came off of its track, which meant I had to stop and get it back on.

Y: 你的自行车链子掉下来了。难怪你浑身是油。You look very dirty.

P: The bike chain is pretty greasy, Yang Chen.

Y: And dirty.

P: And dirty.
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