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第17课 击剑 - Fencing

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P: Hey, Yang Chen, why are listening to this music. It reminds me of pirate movies like 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'

Y: Because I like sword fighting. Do you like it?

P: I don't have anything against swords, but it just seems a bit strange. Why do you ask?

Y: 因为我想学击剑!

P: Fencing is the official name for competitive and Olympic sword fighting.

But isn't fencing kind of dangerous? And what ever happened to you being a professional weightlifter?

Y: 我什么时候说过我要练举重吗?

P: Just a few days ago.

Y: Anyway. We are going to be very careful and wear protective gear ,防护服, 从头到脚都要包起来。

P: I feel a little better knowing we are wearing masks, gloves and other protective gear that covers us from head to toe.

Y:这是你的剑, Patrick.

P: This is the foil.


P: This foil looks like a real sword, but it doesn't have a sharp end.

Y: 如果我用钝头剑foil击中你,你不会受伤!

P: Ouch!

Y: Don't be a wimp.

P: I'm not a wimp. Yang Chen.

Y: Yes, you are. You are a wimp and you are a cry baby.

P: Hey look, it just surprised me, that's all.

Now that we have our protective gear on and our foils,

Y: En garde!

P: I'm not ready. I don't even know how to fence!

Y: I don't either.

P: Then why are we here?

Y: Because I think fencing is cool. 你不觉得击剑很帅吗?

P: That 's not a good reason to go into fencing , Yang Chen.

Y: But I want to learn it, 我要拯救世界!

P: Yeah. Save the world. Be a pirate.