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第12课 坐出租车到水立方 Taking a cab to the Water Cube

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Y:遇到奥运会这样的大型体育比赛,一定有很多外国游客,对他们来说,最方便的交通工具是:"Taxi "

出租车是Taxi ,也叫

P Taxicab


P Cab。

Y 那么出租车司机就是:

P Taxi driver or cab driver.

Y 叫出租车、打的:

P I need a taxi, I need a cab.

Y 如果你是个Taxi driver,最重要的是把顾客送到他要去的地方,所以你要问清楚:

P "Where do you need to go?" Or more often simply, "Where to?"

Y "Where to?" 很简单。当然,如果能和客人寒喧几句那就更好了。Patrick, 干脆咱俩演示一下,我当司机,你是顾客。

P 好啊。

Hi there.

Y How are you today?

P Fine, thanks.

Y So, Where to?

P: I'd like to go to the Water Cube, you know, where all the Olympic swimming events are taking place.

Y 噢,The Water Cube,水立方。

P Okay, then please take me to水立方。

Y No problem.

(drives away very fast)

P Hey, drive a little more carefully! Is this your firs
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