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第08课 扑克 - Poker

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Y: Patrick, I'm bored.

P: I have an idea. Let's watch the poker tournament on TV!

Y: I know poker, 扑克牌。 可是我只听说过poker face, 没听过还有poker tournament扑克牌比赛。

P: Oh Let me tell you, it's really exciting. See, that guy was just dealt a really good hand.

Y: A good hand? 那一只是好手?

P: No, your hand is the set of card that you are given. If you have good cards you have a good hand, and bad cards are a bad hand.

Y: 有一手好牌就是, have a good hand。

P: Yes, and in fact you can use that expression in other situations. You can say you were dealt a good hand when you are put in a good situation, and a bad hand for a bad situation.

Y: 那我可以说今天 I was dealt a very bad hand.

P: Why?

Y: Because I have to watch poker on TV with you.

P: In that case you were dealt a fantastic hand!

Y: Whatever.

P: When a player has a hand that puts them at a big advantage, you can say that they are holding all the cards.

Y: I see. 因为是在你的公寓,所以你觉得you are holding all the cards。

P: See. You are learning all the useful poker terms! Isn't poker fun?

Y: Fun 你个头! 如果你不换台, I'm leaving

P: No way, you're bluffing.

Y: You think I'm bluffing? 你觉得我在吓唬你? (punching sound)

P: Ouch!

Y: Poor Patrick. Are you hurt?

P: No. 我的脸皮很厚。

Y: That's a terrible poker face.