American Sports English 体育美语

第07课 中场表演 - Halftime Show

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P: American Football.

Ah, it's halftime.

Y:I know 现在已经到了中场halftime。

P:Tthat was a GREAT first half, wasn't it?

Y: Oh Yes.

P:The score is tied at 21-21. A very close game. Don't you think?

Y:I...I don't know.

P:Where are you going, Yang Chen?

Y:I'm going to the snack bar to get some hot dogs. 你要不要也来点儿热狗?

P: Wait! If you go now, you'll miss the halftime show!

Y: There is a halftime show?

P: Yes. The athletes can rest and adjust their game plan, and we get to enjoy a 300-member marching band! When two colleges play each other in football, they send their marching bands to the game. The purpose of the marching bands is to provide musical entertainment and boost team spirit for the crowd.

Y: Team spirit?团队精神?

P: One college marching band has 500 people in it!

Y No way!

P: Oh yes. It's called the marching 500.

Wait!. Here comes the band. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! (band noise, crowd cheering)

(After the performance)

P:That was a great performance. Aren't you glad that you stayed to watch it?

Y. I guess so.

P I guess so? That's it? Where's your team spirit?

Y: You want team spirit?

P:Yes, show me your team spirit.

Y. OK.