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第06课 三月疯狂 - March Madness

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Y: 我是杨晨。

P: 我是 Patrick. Are you ready for March Madness?

Y:Yes, I am! And you?

P: I'm ready too.

Y: 你得解释一下什么是March Madness,三月疯狂。

P: Our audiences might not know, March Madness is when all of America watches a huge, 65-team men's college basketball tournament that takes place in the month of March every year. It's madness!

Y: 一到了三月疯狂,几乎所有美国人都要看这65个队的大学生篮球联赛。很多人说比NBA还好看呢!

P: The most fun to watch are the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and finally - the championship.

Y:Sweet Sixteen 甜蜜的16岁?

P: No. It's the final sixteen teams that are left in the tournament.

Y: 这里的Sweet Sixteen应该是甜蜜的16队,也就是剩下的16支队伍;Elite Eight是精英八强;Final Four最后四强;当然还有the championship,最后两个队争夺冠军。

现在全美国都陷入了March Madness,我想那些在校大学生一定更疯狂了。

P: When I was in college, my team made it/advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. We played the University of Kentucky, but we lost because of our poor shooting and because of Kentucky's strong defense.

Y:自己是poor shooting,投篮不准,而对方有strong defense,强劲的防守。


P: Well. Looks like somebody has been infected with some March Madness.

It's March Madness, baby!