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第02课 射箭 - Archery

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Y: Hi, 大家好。我是杨晨。

P: And I'm Patrick.

Y: 今天我要学射箭archery。

P: Archery is the practice of using a bow to shoot arrows. It's also an Olympic sport. Say, Yang Chen, do you have your bow and arrows ready?

Y: Yes, I do, Patrick. Here is my bow,我的弓; And here are my arrows,我的箭。Patrick,你看我这样拿着弓箭,象不象Robin Hood侠盗罗宾汉!

P: Wow, you look exactly like Robin Hood! Are you ready to take aim and shoot, 罗宾汉小姐?

Y: I sure am. 可是那个 target 目标好像太远了,能不能让我靠近点儿, Patrick.

P: The target in Olympic archery is 30 to 90 meters away. You are trying to shoot the arrow as close to the center of the target as possible.

You can shoot three arrows.

Y: 我可以射三支箭。

P: And you have 40 seconds to shoot each arrow.

Y: 射一支箭的时间是40秒。Okay, here is my first shot!

That was good!

P: Hmm, not really. But it was a good try, Yang Chen.

Try again. Maybe this time you can hit the bull's eye.

Y: The “bull's eye”不是牛眼睛,是靶心的意思。 I'll try again, Patrick.

Yea! I did it! I did it!

P: Not quite, Yang Chen........ you didn't even hit the target. You were way off.

Y: Oh no. Let me try again.

P: Bull's eye. Yang Chen, I think you killed a bird.
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