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大家好!……今天来看看@用户5772440615 提的话题:

How to break up with someone? I love you, but I'm not in love with you 我对你有“友爱”,但是没有“男女之爱”

You're not going to believe this. Sarah and Ryan broke up last night, and he told her "I love you, but I'm not in love with you." 你肯定不会相信。Sarah和Ryan昨晚分手了,Ryan跟她说,我对你有“友爱”,但是没有“男女之爱”。

I don't buy that 我不相信

I don't buy that! Ryan has been in love with Sarah forever! How could he break up with her all of a sudden? 我不相信!Ryan和Sarah相恋这么久了!他怎么会突然和她分手呢?

to kid yourself 欺骗自己

He is kidding himself if he thinks he can find someone better than Sarah. 如果他觉得他能找到比Sarah更好的人,那他一定是糊涂了。好!

……What do you think is a good way to break up with someone that you love but not in love with?