OMG!美语 Face My Parents!

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大家好!……今天来看看@一直致力于减肥的小妮子 提的话题:单身的敢回家吗[挤眼]

face my parents 面对父母

I am so nervous to face my parents during Spring Festival. I am still single!我春节回家面对父母很紧张。我还是单身!

so much pressure 很大压力

They put so much pressure on me to find someone to marry. It's hard to find that special someone!他们老催我找人结婚,搞得我压力山大。找到特别的那个人很难啊!

independent woman 独立女性

They need to know that I am an independent woman who can take care of herself. I don't need a guy!他们需要知道,我是个独立女性,可以自己照顾自己。我不需要一个男人!好!

……Are you nervous to face your parents because you are single? How are you going to respond to heir questions?