LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3451课 debacle

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今天我们要学的词是 debacle.

debacle 的意思是崩溃,一败涂地。 The Iowa caucuses, the first test of Democratic Party presidential candidates, had an embarrassing debacle as officials blamed state party and technological problems for not being able to provide results hours after the voting ended. 爱奥华州的党内初选是对民主党总统参选人的首次考验,但随着投票结束数小时后仍无法得出结果而陷入令人尴尬的失败局面,官员们将其归咎于该州的民主党和技术故障。

The Latin American region reported little to no growth last year leading some economists to wonder what led to the area’s economic debacle. 拉丁美洲地区报告去年几乎没有经济增长,一些经济学家想了解是什么导致了该地区的经济崩溃。
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