LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3449课 prank

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今天我们要学的词是 prank.

prank 的意思是恶作剧。 Iranian state TV has aired what appears to be a prank call to a U.S. TV network from someone pretended to be a parent of a US soldier, trying to convince their audience that Iranian strikes on US bases in Iraq caused many casualties. 伊朗国家电视台播出了一名假冒美国军人的父亲打给美国一家电视网的恶搞电话,试图说服观众伊朗对伊拉克的美国基地发动的袭击造成多人伤亡。

While a college student who attempted to illegally obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns argued that the act was a college prank, the Justice Department makes it clear that false attempts to obtain any citizen’s IRS filings are a federal crime. 一名试图非法取得特朗普总统报税记录的美国大学生边界说,他的行为是校园恶作剧,不过司法部清楚表明,以欺诈手段获取任何公民的报税记录是一项联邦犯罪行为。
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