LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3433课 inroad

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今天我们要学的词是 inroad.

inroad 的意思是进军、进展,成功进入。 Researchers are beginning to make inroads in diagnosing pancreatic cancer - one of the deadliest kinds of cancer as its symptoms only show up when the cancer is advanced. 研究人员开始在胰腺癌诊断上取得进展,由于胰腺癌的症状只有在病患晚期才会出现,因此是最致命的一种癌症。

Target's store in Times Square has created an inroad for the department store chain in dense, urban markets, which largely remain a frontier for fellow mass merchant Walmart. 塔吉特的纽约时代广场分店为这一百货连锁店打入人口稠密的都市开辟了道路,同是大规模零售商的沃尔玛在很大程度上还没有开发这一市场。
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