LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3355课 peculiar

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今天我们要学的词是 peculiar.

peculiar 的意思是独特的、奇特的。 A peculiar form of body art is gaining popularity in New York City – it’s protest body art where people paint slogans aimed at promoting their causes. 一种奇特的人体艺术形式在纽约市越来越受欢迎,这是抗议人体艺术,就是人们在身上画上宣传他们理念的口号。

After a number of peculiar tweets appeared on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account, The company quickly noted his account had been compromised and suggested Dorsey's mobile carrier was at fault. 在推特首席执行官杰克·多尔西的账户上出现了一些奇诡的推文之后,该公司迅速注意到他的账户被侵入,并暗示多尔西的手机运营商应负责。
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