LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3242课 discern

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今天我们要学的词是 discern.

Discern 的意思是识别、辨别、发现。Over the years, outside analysts have closely followed visits by North Korean leaders to factories, farms and military units to discern the regime’s policy priorities. 多年来,外界分析人士密切关注朝鲜领导人视察工厂、农场和军队的动向,以辨别出朝鲜政权在政策上的轻重缓急。

The trend in the lower courts has been in favor of extending civil rights protections to LGBT employees and students, however their prospects at the Supreme Court may be harder to discern. (美国)低一级法院一直倾向于对男女同性恋、双性恋和变性者员工和学生提供人权保护,但这一群体在最高法院的前景却较难预料。
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