LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3162课 ominous

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今天我们要学的词是 ominous. ominous is spelled o-m-i-n-o-u-s, ominous.

ominous 的意思是不祥的,凶多吉少的,The United States and Britain recently issued a rare and ominous alert charging Russia with ramping up cyber attacks on American and British companies, government operations and infrastructure,美国和英国最近罕见地发布了一个不祥的预警,指控俄罗斯加大了对美国和英国的公司、政府运作和基础设施的网络攻击。In an ominous sign, Russian courts handed down jail sentences to protesters opposing Putin’s new term in office just hours after the president’s swearing-in ceremony concluded,一个不祥的迹象是,就在普京宣誓就职仪式结束几小时内,俄罗斯法院对反对普京连任总统的抗议者们判处监禁。
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