Business Etiquette 礼节美语 第013讲

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陈豪是个勤快的年轻人,ABC美国公司的总裁很喜欢他, 正在逐渐给他增加一些任务。陈豪也很机灵,凡是没有把握的事都去请教美籍华人Mary。

(Office ambience)

M: 陈豪,你好象很激动,What happened?

C: 啊呀,我们的总裁,Mr. Moore,让我明天请两位客户吃晚饭。我知道, 我过去一直是当陪客的,never been a host。I don't even know what to do!

M: Don't worry。当主人主要是要保证晚餐进行得顺顺当当,让客人感到舒适满意。

C: 可问题是怎么做。Tell me specifically what to do first。

M: First, of course, choose a restaurant, 找个合适的饭馆呀!

C: 哎,我们公司附近不是最近开了一个新饭馆吗? I'll take them there。

M: 你呀,最好找一个你熟悉的饭馆,so you can be sure that the food and service will be good。

C: 那倒是,否则太危险。I did hear that new restaurant is quite noisy。

M: 太吵闹可不行,You need an atmosphere that is suitable for business conversation。

C: 有了,我想起了一个非常合适的饭馆。 Mary, would you like to have lunch there with me today to check it out?

M: Thank you. I'd love to be your guinea pig for lunch。我就做一回你的试验品吧!

C: Guinea pig! 请你吃饭还说做我的试验品!


C: So, Mary, what do you think? Will this work for the business dinner?

M: It's perfect。对了,既然你现在在这里,你可以认识一下那head waiter,把明天的帐先付了,take care of the bill for tomorrow night。

C: 饭还没有吃,吃什么都还不知道,就付钱?

M: 没有关系的。你先把信用卡给他,让他印一份,告诉他你要给多少小费,然后签个字,让他们把账单的副本寄给你。

C: But isn't it risky to give someone your credit card?

M: 像样的饭馆都有信誉,so it's not risky and it's done all the time。要是你不想先付帐的话,那你当天就先告诉服务员吃完饭后把账单交给你。That will eliminate any confusion over who is paying.

C: That's a very good idea。对了,Mary,既然我们在这里,那我就先定一个比较安静,景色比较好的桌子吧。

M: A wonder idea to request a specific table for tomorrow.

C: Mary,Thank you so much.

M: You're welcome. Next time you'll know that as a host, it's your responsibility to choose an appropriate restaurant, taking care as much as possible ahead of time such as arranging for how to pay the bill and requesting a nice table. Then it will be an enjoyable evening for all.
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