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向总统施压? 众议院民主党人说没那么快


他们正在为公共政策项目制定行动计划,包括降低医保成本,加强政府监督等。 但弹劾肯定是边缘性的。




Impeach the President? House Democrats Saying Not So Fast

House Democrats are laying out a vision for their new majority, and there's one item that's noticeably missing from the to-do list: President Donald Trump's impeachment.

They're putting in motion plans for spending on public works projects, lowering health care costs and increasing government oversight. But impeachment is firmly on the margins.

It's the balance that Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is trying to strike in the new Congress.

On the one hand, the Democrats' left flank is eager to confront the president. But Pelosi's instinct is to prioritize the kitchen-table promises that Democrats made to voters who elected them to office.

Democratic leaders of House committees will be conducting oversight of the president's business and White House dealings. The goal is to take it one step at a time.