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抗议者们誓言以收费站、环形交叉路口以及环绕巴黎的环路为目标。 当局则准备派遣警察驱逐抗议者并威胁罚款。

税收是马克龙希望法国摆脱石化燃料战略的一部分。 但许多司机认为这是这位被看作是无视日常经济困难的总统的象征。



French Drivers Block Roads in Fuel Tax Protest

Drivers in France are planning to block roads across the country to protest rising fuel taxes, in a new challenge to embattled President Emmanuel Macron.

Protesters pledge to target tollbooths, roundabouts and the bypass that rings Paris on Saturday. The government is preparing to send police to remove protesters and threatening fines.

The taxes are part of Macron’s strategy of weaning France off fossil fuels. Many drivers see them as emblematic of a presidency seen as disconnected from day-to-day economic difficulties.

The protesters have dubbed themselves the “yellow jackets” because they wear fluorescent vests that all French drivers must keep in their vehicles in case of car troubles.

Separately, ambulances briefly blocked Paris’ Champs-Elysees on Friday to protest new rules on ambulance financing and put pressure on Macron’s government.