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消费者信心指数也是18年来最高的,他们的大量开支同时推动经济快速增长。 美国经济增长正进入第10个年头,这是有记录以来第二长的经济增长时期,10月份则是连续第100个月就业机会增加,创下纪录。

US Added 250,000 Jobs, Wage Growth Fastest Since 2009

U.S. employers added a stellar 250,000 jobs last month and boosted average pay by the most in nearly a decade in an effort to attract and keep workers.

The Labor Department's monthly jobs report, the last major economic data before the Nov. 6 election, also shows the unemployment rate remained at a five-decade low of 3.7 percent.

The influx of new job-seekers lifted the proportion of Americans with jobs to the highest level since January 2009.

Consumers are the most confident they have been in 18 years and are spending freely and propelling brisk economic growth. The U.S. economy is in its 10th year of expansion, the second-longest such period on record, and October marks the 100th straight month of hiring, a record streak.