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B: 美语训练班上课啦!我是Donny。

A: 我是杨琳! Donny,今天是个值得纪念的日子,你知道么?

B: 今天不是我生日啊!为什么要纪念呢?

A: 你就知道过生日!Donny, 下个月你就要离开我们,去北京工作了,这可是你主持的最后一期“美语训练班”了,这难道不该纪念么?

B: 哦!你说这个啊!Yes, today's show is quite special in that sense.

A: 那你就站好最后一班岗吧!先来介绍节目内容!

B: 好!今天咱们要去打台球, 经历美国机场的安检,参加一个失败的party, 还要告诉大家怎么用美语说“两面派”。

A: 当然,咱们还是先花一分钟,学一个词。

Learn A Word ward off

今天我们要学的词是ward off. Ward is spelled w-a-r-d, ward; and off, o-f-f, off. Ward off. Ward off 阻挡。A new study shows that more social activity with friends can help ward off obesity. 一项新研究显示,更多跟朋友一起参加社交生活,有助于防止肥胖。秋天又到打流感疫苗的时候了,但是今年,Instead of flu vaccination, doctors are advocating natural methods to ward off the flu this year. 今年医生提倡以自然免疫的方法抵挡流感,而不是注射流感疫苗。Frequent hand-washing is one of the easiest ways to ward off sickness. 常洗手是防止生病的最简单的办法之一。好的,今天我们学习的词是ward off, ward off, ward off.

A: ward off, 阻止。Donny, 你到北京后会想家吧?What would you do to ward off homesickness?

B:I guess I'll just chat with my folks on Skype.

A: That's a good idea. I Skype with my parents everyday! 对了,在你走之前,我们要给你准备个盛大的送行party,你说怎么样?

B: That's really nice of you! I look forward to it! 不过下面,我们要先跟随Larry和李华去参加一个糟糕的Party.

Popular American: Stocked, Bummer

各位听众,现在播送《流行美语》。 Larry打算请很多人来家里做客,李华在帮他策划这个大party. 他们会用到两个说法:stoked和bummer.

Larry: OK, so we'll need about two dozen hamburgers, 20 pounds of ribs, a cheese platter, 4 bags of potato chips, potato salad, and....what am I missing?

LH: 还能缺什么啊?你说的这些东西,足够我吃一个礼拜了!我说Larry,你到底要请多少客人啊?

Larry: There should be around 40 people here. It's going to be great. I'm so stoked!

LH: stoked? 什么意思?

Larry: Yeah, stoked, s-t-o-k-e-d, stoked. It means to be really excited about something.

LH: Oh, Stoked 就是特别兴奋,特别激动的意思。

Larry: That's right. I'm really looking forward to this party. In other words, you could say I'm super stoked! It's going to be so much fun. Aren't you stoked, Lihua?

LH: 怎么说呢?I'm kind of Stoked. 我也挺兴奋的,不过Larry, 你请那么多人,等派对结束后,这里肯定乱糟糟的。

Larry: Oh, don't worry about that. You'll help me clean after the party, right?

LH: 啊?! 还要我帮忙收拾?

Larry: Oh, and I forgot to tell you. I'm stoked about the DJ I hired for the party.

LH: 你还请了个DJ混音师?

Larry: Yea, he's an old friend from high school. He told me he's got quite a lot of fans around town these days.

LH: 我看出来了,这场Party人又多,音乐又是吵哄哄的摇滚乐,而我还得负责事后清理战场的工作。得得得,现在想起来我都头疼。I can't say that I'm stoked quite yet.

Larry: Still not stoked? OK, what if I told you that my friend Brian will be there? You know, the guy who is in charge of interns at the company you want to work for?

LH: 啊?Brian要来?我特想去他们公司实习,你一定帮我介绍!

Larry: No problem. I'll ask him to help you get the internship at his company.

LH: Awesome! Now I'm stoked! Larry, 让我们投入战斗吧!

MC: Larry 和李华尽心准备的派对开始了,可是却出了点小状况....

LH: Larry, 牛肉饼烤得怎么样啦?我等着做汉堡包呢!

Larry: Not too bad. They're just cooking a little slower than I thought. I guess my grill is too small. It's OK, though! I'm still stoked for the party!

LH: Larry! 你看看,烧烤架下面根本就没有火!你是不是没有瓦斯啦?

Larry: Oh, no! You're right! What a bummer!

LH: Bummer? 你是说bum,懒鬼吗?

Larry: No. Not bum, bummer! A bummer is bad news, or something that makes you upset─like running out of gas when you need to cook for 40 people!

LH: 哦!A bummer 就是坏消息。瓦斯用完,你没法烤肉, 真是个好大的bummer啊。不过你也不用着急,现在只有一个客人,就是你那个高中同学,现在很红的那个DJ.

Larry: Wait a minute. This music is from our DJ? This music is for little kids─I thought the neighbors must be having a birthday party for their five-year-old daughter.

LH: 不是,你听到的就是DJ放的音乐,他说他的专长就是给学校活动造气氛,所以用的都是儿童音乐......

Larry: What a bummer!! Ugh, this party is turning into a disaster! No one's here, I can't cook the food, and the DJ sounds like he's from Sesame Street!

LH: 没关系,只要你朋友Brian能来,我就知足啦!我可得好好表现,争取让他给我实习的机会! I'm really stoked to meet him!

Larry: I don't know, Lihua. No one has showed up! I was so stoked about this party.... now the whole thing is just a big bummer. Maybe I wrote the wrong date on the invitation...

Larry: Brian is here.

LH: Oh thank god.

Larry: Hey Brian, how are you?

Brian: Hey, Larry, good to see you again! This must be Lihua. I've heard so much about you!

LH: Oh, really~ All good things, I hope.

Larry: Actually, Lihua is looking for an internship this summer. Do you think your company would have an opening for her?

Brian: My company? I didn't tell you, Larry? I left my job a year ago. I'm a grad student now!

LH: 啊?你一年前就辞职不干啦?现在回学校念书去了?What a bummer!

各位听众,今天李华学到了两个常用语,stoked 意思是兴奋,激动,还有bummer意思是坏消息。这次流行美语就播送到这里,感谢各位的收听,下次节目再见。

B: 杨琳,I'm really stoked now about the farewell party you just mentioned. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun!

A: I'm stoked too!

B: 对了,如果你在北京的朋友能帮我找房子住,我就更高兴了!我本来说好和一个朋友合租公寓,but he changed his mind at the last minute. What a bummer!

A: 不要担心,我一定帮你打听!说到做到!

B: Terrific! 杨琳,I know I can trust you.

A: 对,我可不是说一套做一套的两面派!

B: “两面派”?是两面烤的苹果派么?

A: 哈哈!不是,你听听下面的“美语怎么说”就知道啦!

How to say it in American English: two-faced


jessica: 吴琼,我问你,“两面派”用美语怎么说?

WQ: Ah? jessica, 你从哪儿学到这个词的?

jessica: From one of our listeners! 有个听众问的。

WQ: That's cool! Hmm... 我觉得两面派一定是double face,对吗?

jessica: Close! Actually it's two-faced.

WQ: 哦!two-faced 两张脸,当人一面背人一面,两面派。

jessica: That's right. Sometimes a two-faced person will say nice things about you to your face, then tell others nasty things about you when you're not around.

WQ: 哼,我最讨厌这种背后捅刀子的人了。

jessica: I know! We call these people back stabbers.

WQ: Back stabber? S-t-a-b-b-e-r, stabber 是用刀子捅别人的人,所以back stabber 就是在背后给人下刀子的人喽!jessica, 不是吹牛,这种人我一眼就能识破。

jessica: Wow! You must be a really good judge of character.

WQ: judge 是法官,character 是人品,你说我是 a good judge of character, 一定是说我看人看得准,眼光犀利,对吗?

jessica: Exactly. two-faced people can't fool you if you're a good judge of character.

WQ: 不过 jessica, 我觉得,two faced people和back stabbers虽然都很讨厌,但他们也有些用处!

jessica: Really?

WQ: Yeah. Their existence will help you see who your real friends are! 没有他们的存在,怎么能显出哪些人才是真朋友呢!

jessica: 有道理!Now let's see what you've learned today.

WQ: 第一:形容某人两面派是two-faced;

第二:背后害人的人是back stabber;

第三:形容看人准,可以说 someone is a good judge of character.

A: Donny, 上期节目咱们还提到我坐15个小时飞机回北京参加好朋友的婚礼,这么快你也要飞回去啦!

B: 是啊!But I don't like traveling by plane. If it were possible to drive from here to Beijing, I would.

A: 你喜欢开车?现在油价可不便宜哦!

B: 机票也不便宜。Besides, going through airport security is such a pain.

A: 这倒是!美国机场的安检手续繁杂得很,还很费时间。

B: 没错,今天的“美语三级跳”就来讲讲机场安检。

GoEnglish: Take a flight-- Intermediate


Winnie: Todd 圣诞节要回阿拉斯加看望父母,他正在机场过安检。

Professor: In this first part, an airport security guard is telling Todd what to do before he goes through the metal detector and puts his bags through the x-ray machine.

Winnie: Metal detector 金属探测器,我最讨厌在机场过这个东西,每次都要脱鞋,解腰带,烦死了!

Professor: Well I agree that it's annoying, but aren't you glad the metal detectors keep you safe?

Winnie: 这倒也是,Professor Bowman, 为了安全起见,我们只好作些牺牲了。

Security guard: Excuse me sir! Please make sure to take off your shoes, jacket and belt and put them through the x-ray machine.

Todd: OK, just a moment ... Alright, there you go.

Security guard: Hmm ... the X-ray machine is showing some strange things in your bag. I'll have to search it.

Todd: Sure, go ahead. I don't have any dangerous items on me.

Winnie: Professor Bowman, Todd说 "I don't have any dangerous items on me", 就是说自己身上没有危险物品吧?

Professor: That's right. A policeman might ask if you have any weapons on you, or a friend might ask if you have any money on you that he could borrow.

Winnie: Todd 最好没有随身带什么违禁物品。

Professor: I hope so too. Let's listen and find out.

Security guard: Sir! Have these bags been in your possession at all times?

Todd: Yes, I've had them in my sight since I packed them.

Security guard: I see ... [She looks through Todd's bag.] And what is this??? You didn't think you could get on the plane with such a dangerous item, did you?

Todd: It's just a bottle of water.

Security guard: Don't you know people can make bombs out of liquid? You can't take it on the plane.

Todd: Well, alright ... I didn't realize liquids aren't allowed on planes.

Winnie: 我还以为安检人员在Todd包里找到了什么危险品呢,原来是一瓶水而已!不过,Professor Bowman,Todd 说他的行李一直 in his sight, 这是什么意思啊?

Professor: It means he's watched the bags closely. You can also say that you won't let something out of your sight. For example, I promise I'll take good care of your children. I won't let them out of my sight.

Security guard: Do you have any other dangerous items in your carry-on bags?

Todd: I don't think so. What else is considered dangerous?

Security guard: Well, you can't have any toothpaste on you. People can make bombs that look like toothpaste too!

Todd: Well no, I don't have any toothpaste on me. I packed all of that in my checked bags.

Winnie: 等一下,Professor Bowman, carry-on bags 和 checked bags 有什么区别?

Professor: Carry-on bags are the bags that you carry onto the plane. Checked bags are those you hand over to the airlines before boarding a plane.

Winnie: 我明白了,carry-on bags 就是随身带上飞机的行李,checked bags 则是我们说的托运行李。

Professor: Exactly. The word "check" can also be a verb. For example, an airline worker might tell you that your bag is too big to carry on the plane, so you need to check it.

Security guard: Alright, I'm finished searching your belongings. You can go now.

Todd: Thanks. Can you tell me which way gate D27 is?

Security guard: Gate D27? Sorry, you're in the wrong terminal. This is Terminal 1. You have to go to Terminal 2.

Todd: Oh no ... You mean I have to go to Terminal 2 and go through the security check there again?

Security guard: That's right.

Todd: But that will take another hour! I might miss my flight!

Security guard: Too bad. Safety comes first!

Winnie: Wrong terminal? 那就是走错候机楼了?哎呀,Todd 可真倒霉,居然走错了候机楼,还要到别的候机楼再过一次安检。不过,我看这个安检人员并不在乎Todd会不会误机。

Professor: That's right. You can say "too bad" whenever somebody tells you about their problem, but you don't really care.

Winnie: 说实话,我还真替 Todd 捏把冷汗,如果赶不上飞机,错过了圣诞节,他父母一定也会非常难过的!

Professor: Well, tune in next time to see if Todd will make the flight!

B: I'll remember that - no liquid or toothpaste in carry-on bags!

A:And you need to make sure you're at the right gate!

B: Of course!

A: 对了,上次你说你特别爱看American Football, 这回去了中国,就不能看现场比赛了,只能在电视上或者网上看了吧?

B: Yeah...that's a bummer. But I'm sure there are sports bars in Beijing, where 老外 like me get together to watch the games!

A: 嗯!大家一起看球最热闹,热开心!下面咱们就来听听“礼节美语”,看看美国人为什么这么喜爱football!

Business Etiquette: American football II

A: 我也觉得橄榄球太激烈了,甚至有点野蛮!

B: That's the beauty of it!

A: 那也就是看看可以,要是真让我去赛场上那样横冲直撞的,非吓死我不可!

B: Don't be a wimp, 杨琳!

A: Wimp? 你说我胆小没用?才不是,我只是......比较斯文。比如下面这个体育运动,我就觉得不错。

B: What is it?

A: 打台球!

American sports English: Pool

P: Yang Chen you look bored. How about we play a game of pool?

Y: Pool? 这儿没有游泳池啊。你打算跳到Tidal Basin 游泳吗?

P: No, I'm not talking about a swimming pool. I'm talking about billiards.

Y: Oh billiards, 台球。我不会。

P: Well, I'll teach you how to play. Let me break.

Y.Wait a minute. 你怎么一上来就要 break something,搞破坏啊?

P: No. Here break means starting the game by hitting the cue ball.

Y: 我知道,cue ball 就是主球,用它来撞子球。OK. Let me try it first.

P: 哎呀,女大力士! You came closer to breaking the pool stick!

Y: No Way! That was a great shot! I got one in. 我是Stripes.

P: Alright, and I am solids.

Now it's my turn, I'll try to bank the ball off the rail and get it in the far pocket.

Y: Ah, 你把我的球打进去了。You scored a point for me. Thank you.

P: Well you're welcome.

Y: It's my turn again. 让我再干掉一个。

P: Well, not on that turn any way. It looks like you scratched.

Y: Scratched. 我没抓你啊。

P: In pool, if you scratch S-C-R-A-T-C-H,it means that you knocked the white cue ball into a pocket. That means it's my turn and I place the ball over here.

Y: Ah, 我主球打进袋子了,就叫scratch。

P: Right. That means it's my turn and I place the ball over here.

Y: 哇,你把8号球打进去了。

P: Yeah. I got the 8 ball in before getting all of my other balls in. That means I lose.

Y: Hooray! Another game?

A: 台球里的术语还真不少!比如Break - 开球,scratch - 白球进洞。Donny, do you play pool?

B: Yeah, sometimes.

A: 你走之前,let's go to a pool house, 打几盘儿!

B: 好啊!我请客!

A: 诶呀,你真是太好了!I'm gonna miss you!

B: 杨琳,别哭了。

A: 谁哭了?别臭美! 好了,今天的节目时间差不多了。这次的撰稿人是晓北,编辑是蔚然。同学们,我们下次的美语训练班再见!

B:Bye! 同学们,咱们北京见喽!

A: Bye-bye, Donny!