India Reports More Than 86,000 New COVID-19 Cases


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India reported 86,432 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, taking its total infections to 4,023,179, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The U.S. and Brazil are the only countries that have more cases than India.

The U.S. leads the world in COVID infections with 6,202,080, while Brazil counts 4,091,801, according to Johns Hopkins.

The coronavirus has brutalized some locations in Mexico so badly that local governments have run out of death certificates.

Mexican officials say a million new forms have been printed.

Mexico has recorded 66,561 COVID-19 deaths, placing it only behind the U.S, Brazil and India in the number of pandemic deaths on the Johns Hopkins listing.

The U.S. has recorded 187,768 deaths, Brazil has 125,502 deaths and India has 69,561, says Johns Hopkins.

Amnesty International said earlier this week that 1,320 health workers in Mexico have died from the coronavirus pandemic, the worst tally in any country in the world.

Amnesty's report highlighted the deadly toll COVID-19 has had on frontline workers. Overall, at least 7,000 health workers are said to have died of the virus.

According to a Reuters analysis of data from the Mexican government, health care workers in that country are four times more likely to die than their peers in the U.S.

New cases continue to pop up in South Korea, which at one time had seemed to quash the virus. Authorities said Saturday 115 of the 168 new cases were in metropolitan Seoul.

New Zealand said Saturday it has recorded its 24th COVID-19 death. Joseph Williams, a doctor and the former prime minister of the Cook Islands, was the 24th victim.