The Blind Side 弱点

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Big Mike. Hey, my name is Leigh Anne Tuohy. My kids go to Wingate. You said you're going to the gym? The school gym's closed. Why were you going to the gym? Big Mike?! Why were you going to the gym?
Because... it's warm.
Do you have any place to stay tonight? Don't you dare lie to me.
I've seen that look many times. She's about to get her way.
Come on. Come on. SJ, make room. Get in the car. Come on.

大迈克,嘿, 我的名字叫Leigh Anne Tuohy。我们家孩子在Wingate上学。你说你要去体育馆?学校体育馆都关门了啊。你为啥要去体育馆?大迈克?!你为什么要去体育馆?
你今晚有地方 住么?你可别大着胆子来骗我。
这幅表情我见 过老多遍了。她又想要插手了。
来,来吧。 SJ,让出点地儿来。上车吧。来嘛。