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Green Goblin: Wake up little spider, wake up. No, you're nol dead... yet... Just paralyzed.. temporarily. You're an amazinc creature, Spiderman, you and l are门ot so different. Well,.. tc each his own, l chose my path, you chose the path of the hero anc they found you amusing for a while, the people of this citY. Bu' the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, falli die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventuall they will hate you. Why bother ? Here's the real truth. There arc eight million people in this citY and those teeming masses exist foi the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto thaii shoulders. You and ma. we're exceptional. I could squash you l“kE a bug right now, but l'm offering you a choice. Join me. Imagine what we could accomplish together. What we could create or we could delstroy. Cause the death of countiess innocents in seffisI- battlo again and again and again until we 're both dead ? Is that wha, you want 7 Think about it hero...

绿魔:醒一醒,小蜘蛛,你醒醒啊。不,你没有死……只不过是 短暂的麻痹罢了。你很了不起,小蜘蛛。我们并非如此格格不入,天迥异,只不过是各为其主而已。我选择自己的道路,而你选择了英雄之路,继而这个城市的人们一时发现了你很有意思。但是他们更感兴趣的事情就是亲眼目睹一个英雄遭遇滑铁卢,然后轰然倒下,垂死挣扎。尽管你为了他们不辞辛劳,竭恳所能,到头来他们仍然会怨恨你。何必在意这些呢?这就是事实。这个城市有800万人,这些大众存在的唯一目的就是力捧几位卓越人士,你和我就是这样的超凡人士。我现在就能像拍虫子一样把你打个稀巴烂,但是我给你一个选择,跟我合作吧。想象一下我们联手能够创造什么伟业。我们能够创造,我们也可以毁灭。因为为了一己私利而战,不计其数的无辜的人接二连三地死于非命,直蛩最后我们都鱼死网破,同归于尽?这就是你想看到的结果吗9考虑一下吧,英雄。