Roman Holiday 罗马假日1

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Anne: So happy... how are you this evening ?
Joe: Hey, hey, hey.. wake up.
Anne: Thank you. Very much d elighted.
Joe: Wake up.
Anne: No, thank you, Charmed.
Joe: Charmed too.
Anne: You may sit down.
Joe: I think you'd better sit up. You're much too young to get picked up by the police.
Anne: Police?
Joe: Yup, police.
Anne: Oh, 2: 15 and back here to change... 2: 45...
Joe; You know, people who can't handle liquor shouldn't drink.
Aone: "If I were dead and buried and I heard your voice, beneath the sod, my heart of dust would still rejoice" ... Do you know that poem ?
Joe: VVhat do you know ? You' re well-read, well-dressed... snoozing away in a public street. Would you care to make a statement ?
Anne: What the world needs is a return to sweetness and decency in the souls of its young men...
Joe: Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more, but... ( Joe summons a tax ) Get yourself some coffee... you'II be all right. Look, you take the cab.
Anne: Hmm.
Joe: Come on. Climb in the cab and go home.
Anne: So happy.
Joe: You got any money ?
Anne: I never carry money.
Joe: That's a bad habrt. Att right, I'” wrap you up. Come up.
Anne: lt's a tax.
Joe: It 's not the Super-chiaf.
Driver: Where are you going ?
Anne: Coliseum.
Joe: No, come on~ you'r~ not that drunk.
Anne: You're so smart. l'm not drunk at all. l'm just being very happy.
Joe: Don 't go to sleep again. Come on.
Driver: Where are we going ?
Joe: Look, now where do you want to go ?Where shall I take you ?
Where do you live ? Come on. Where do you live ? Come on. Where do you live ?
Anne: Cotiseum.
Joe: ( to the driver ) She ljves in the coliseum.
Joe has no choice but to take Anne back to his room.
Anne: Is this the elevator ?
Joe: lt's my room.
Annta: l'm terribly sorry to mention it but business is getting worse.
Can I sleep here ?
Joe: That's the general idea.
Anne: Can I have a silk gown with rosebuds on it ?
Joe takes out a pajama from the closet.
Joe: I'm afraid you ' II have to rough it tonight. In these.
Anne: Pajamas!
Joe: Sorry honey, but I haven't worn a nightgown in years.
Anne: Will you help me get undressed ?Please.
Joe: Okay. There you are. You can handle the rest.
Joe opens a bottle of wine, and pours himself a glass.
Anne: May I have some ?
Joe : No. Now look.
Anne: This is very unusual. l've never been alone with a man before. Even with my dress on, With my dress off it's most unusual.
I don't seem to mind. Do you ?
Joe: I think l'II go out for a cup of coffee. You'd better go to sleep.
No, no, no, on this one. ( Joe takes Anne to the couch. )
Anne: Terribly nic8.
Joe: There are pajamas They're to sleep in. You're to climb into them. You understand ?
Anne: Thankyou.
Joe : And you do your sleeping on the couch, see. Not on the bed.
no the chair. On the couch, is that clear ?
Anne: Do youknow my favorite poem ?
Joe: You already recited that for me.
Anne: "I refuse a rose from a couch of snows in the Acrousseronean Mountains. Keats.
Joe: Shelly.
Anne: Keatsl
Joe: You just keep your mind off the poetry and on the pajamas and everything will be all right, see.
Anne: Keats!
Joe: l'II be... it's Shelly.-. I'II b6 back in about ten minutes.
Anne: Keats. You have my permission to withdraw.
Joe: Thank you very much.
Joe goes out, Ten minutes later, when he gets home, he finds Anne fast asleep.

乔:是的,我完全同意。可是……(乔招手叫出租车)去喝杯咖 啡……你就会没事了,上车吧。
乔:喂,你要上.你住在哪里?快点儿。 你住在哪里?快说,你住在哪里?