Mr.Holland'S Opus 霍兰德先生的乐章2

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Mrs. Helen who is the Principal of the high school stops Mr. Holland, and has a word with him.
Mrs. Helen: Mr. Holland! Just the man I was looking for. We're forming a textbook committee for next year's curriculum. And I would like to have your ideas and suggestions. We meet next Tuesday night in the library.
Mr Holland: Oh, t'm sorry, Mrs. Jacobs. l'm very busy or Tuesday night.
Mrs. Helen: Uh-huh. You know, for a good four or five month;now, l've been watching you, Mr. Holland. I have never seen teacher sprint for the parking lot after last period with more speei and enthusiasm than his students. Perhaps you should be our traci, coach.
Mr Holland: Mrs. Jacobs, I get here on time every morning, don' l?l'm doing the bestl can.
Mrs. Helen: ( obviously agitated ) A teacher is two job Fill young minds with know/edge, yes But more important give those mind a compass so that knowledge doesn't go to waste. Now, I don't know what you're doing with the knowledge, Mr.Holland, but as compass you 're stuck.

海伦校长:是吗,霍兰德先生您知道吗, 我已经注意你好几个月了。我从来没有见过哪个老师像您一样在下课后比学生还着急地冲向停车场。也许你可以做我们学生的田径教练。
海伦校长:(明显被激怒了)做老师有两个重要的职责。传授年轻人知识.的确,但更重要的是给他们指引方向,让他们学到的知识不会浪费。霍兰德先生,我不知道你知识传授得怎么样, 完全不能给学生以指引!