Mr.Holland'S Opus 霍兰德先生的乐章1

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Miss Lang is practicing the clarinet. But she is not so good at it.
Mr. Holland: Give it up, Miss Lang. ( Then he went to the door,he heard the student crying, and came back to explain ) I mean for the day. School's out, Miss Lang. l, I meant give it up for the day.
Miss Lang: I know what you meant.
Mr. Holland: Then ? Why are you crying ?
Miss Lang:I'm terribIe. l'm... l'm terrible, Mr. Holland. I practice till my lips swet) up,
Mr. Holland: Miss Lang, it takes a lot of work... ( interrupted )
MiSS Lang: All I make is noise.
Mr. Holland: ( continues his words ) ..,to leam a musical instrument.
Miss Lang: I just want to be good at something. My sister's got a ballet scholership to go to Juilliard. And my brother's going to Notre Dame on a football schofarship. MY mother's won the blue ribbon for the watercolors at the state fair so many times...they've retired the category. MY father's cJot the most beautiful voice.He's---l'm the only one in my famiIy who's, l---l just can 't.. . it doesn 't make any difference anyway.