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The fourth love letter
Dear atherine,
My life began when I found you and I thought it had ended when I failed to save you. l thought that hanging on to your memory was keeping us both ative. But l was wrong. A woman named Theresa showed me that if I was brave enough to open my heart, 1 could love again, no matter how terrible my grief. She made me realize I was only half-alive, It scared me and it hurt. And I didn't know how much I needed her till the night she flew away. When that airplane took off, I fett something inside me tear away. And I knew I should have stopped her. I should 've followed her home. And now tomorrow, l'm going to sail to the windy point and l'm going to say goodbye to you. Then l'm going to see this woman and see if I can win her heart.If I can, I know you'II bless me.
And bless us all.If I can't, then l'm still blesse)d because l've had the pege of loving twice in my life. She gave me that. And if I teli you I love her as much as I loved you then you 'II know the whole story. Rest rn peace, my love.