Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ħʯ3

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Harry: Hagrid, what exactlY is that ?
Hagrid: That? lt's, it'sum...
Ron: I know what that isl But Hagrid, how did you get one ?
Hagrid: I won itl Off a stranger I met in the pub. Seemed quite glad to be rid of it as a matter of fact.
Hermione: Is that a dragon ?
Ron: That's not just a dragon! That's a Norwegian Ridgeback! My brother Charlie works with these in Romania.
Hagrid: lsn't he beautiful ? Oh bless him, lookj he knows his mummy! Hello, Norbert!
Harry: Norbert?
Hagrid: Yeah. WhY he's gotta have a name, got he ? Don't you,
Norbert ? De de de de del Oh! Woahl Woah! He'II have to be trained up a bit of course. Who's that ?
Harry: Malfoy.
Hagrid: Oh, dear.
Harry: Hagrid always wanted a dragon He told me so the first time I ever met him
Ron: lt's crazyl And worse Malfoy knows.
Hermione: I don 't understand. Is that bad ?
Ron: lt's bad.
McGonagall: Good evening. Nothing, I repeat, nothing gives a student the right to walk about the school at night. Therefore as punishment for your actions, 50 points will be taken.
Harry: 50!
McGonagall: Each. And to ensure it doesn' t happen again, all four Of you will receive detention.
Malfoy: Excuse mel Professor. Perhaps I heard you wrong. I thoUght you said the four of us.
McGonagall: No you heard me correctly, Mr. Malfoy. You see, honorable as your intentions were, you, t00, were out of bed after hours. You will join your classmates in detention.
Filch: A pity they let the OId punishments die. \Nas a time detention was found you hanging bY your thumbs in the dungeons. God, I'II miss the screaming. You 'II be serving detention with Hagrid tonight. He's got a little job to do inside the Dark Forest. A sorry lot, this, Hagrid. Oh good God, man~ you're not still on about that bloody dragon, are you ?
Hagrid: Norbert's gone. Dumbledore sent him off to Romania to live in a colony.
Hermione: well, that's good, isn't it ? He'II be with his own kind.
Hagrid: Yeah, but vvhat if he don't like F30mania ? What the other dragons are mean to him ? He's only a baby after all.
Filch: Oh, for God's sake, p\JII yourself together, man. You're going into the Forest after atl. Got to have your wits about you.
Maltoy: The Forest ? I thought that was a joke. \Ne can't go in there. Students aren 't allowed. And there are.. werewolves!
Filch: Ah, there's more than werawolves in those trees, lad. You can be sure of that. Nighty- night.
Hagrid: Right, let's go.


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