Gossip Girl 绯闻女孩

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Blair: Morning. I brought your favorite. Oh, you're up.
Chuck: I haven't been sleeping well.
Blair: I know, hence the breakfast in bed...which will taste just as good in the living room.
Chuck: I'm not hungry.
Blair: Stop trying to pretend, Chuck. I know why you're upset.
Chuck: Today is a day like any other. In fact, I'm going to a meeting. I'm looking at a property on the lower east side. I can't be resting on my laurels. The empire's doing well. It's time to look ahead.

Blair: 早啊,给你准备了你最喜欢的......哦,你起床了?
Chuck: 我没睡好。
Blair: 知道啊,所以在床上吃早饭跟在外面吃一样嘛。
Chuck: 我不饿。
Blair: 别装了,Chuck。我知道你心情不好。
Chuck: 今天和别的日子没什么区别。而且我正好去开会。我看中了下东区的一块地产。可不能就此躺在功劳簿上,皇帝酒店运营得不错,是时候往前看了。