Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人4

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Ashley: Oh, mostly of life becoming too real for me, I suppose. Not that I mind splitting rails. But I do mind very much losing the beauty of that, that life I loved. If the war hadn’t come, I’d have spent my life happily, buried at Twelve Oaks. But the war did come. I saw my boyhood friends blown to bits. I saw men crumple up in agony when I shot them. And now I find myself in a world which for me is worse than death. A world in which there is no place for me. Oh, I can never make you understand, because you don’t know the meaning of fear. You never mind facing realities. And you never want to escape from them as I do.
Scarlett: Escape? Oh, Ashley you’re wrong. I do want to escape, too. I’m so very tried of it all. I’ve struggled for food and for money and I’ve weeded and hoed and picked cotton until I can’t stand it another minute. I tell you, Ashley, the South is dead, it’s dead. The Yankees and the carpetbaggers have got it and there’s nothing left for us. Oh, Ashley, let’s run away. We’d to go Mexico. They want officers in the Mexican army, we could be so happy there. Ashley I’d work for you, I’d do anything for you. You know you don’t love Melanie, you told me you loved me that day at Twelve Oaks, and anyway, Melanie can’t …Dr. Meade told me she couldn’t ever have any more children. And I could give you…
Ashley: Can’ t we ever forget that day at Twelve Oaks?
Scarlett: Just think I could ever forget it, have you forgotten it? Can you honestly say you don’t love me?
Ashley: No, I…I don’t love you.
Scarlett: It’s a lie.