Forrest Gump 阿甘正传

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Forrest: Now, when I was a baby, Momma named me after the great Civil War hero, Genera! Nathan Bedford Forrest... She said we were related to him in some way. And, what he did was. he started up this club called the Ku Klux Klan. They'd ali dress up in
their robes and their bed一sheets and act like a bunch of ghosts or spooks or something. They'd even put bed-sheets on their horses and ride around. And anyway, that's how got my name. Forrest Gump. Momma said that the Forrest part was to remind me that sometimes we all do things that, well, just don't make no sense.
( Forrest 's feg brace was stuck in the sidewalks. )
Mrs. Gump: Just wait, let me get it. ( Mrs. Gump helps Forrest up onto the sidewalk. She looks up and notices the two old man are watching them. )
Mrs. Gump: Oooh, AIl right. \Nhat are you all staring at ? Haven't you ever seen a little boy with braces on his legs before ? Don't ever anybody tell you they're better than you. Forrest.If God intend everybody to be the same. he'd have given us all braces on our legs Forrest: Momma always had a way of explaining things so I understand them. We lived about a quarter mile of Route 17, ablea half mile from the town of Greenbow, Alabama. That's in county of Greenbow. Our house bad been in Momma 's family sir her grandpa 's grandpa 's grandpa had come across the ocean abi a thousand years ago. Something like that. Since it was just me e Momma and we had all these empty rooms9 Momma decided to those rooms out. Mostly the people passing through. That 's how and Mommy got money. Mommy was a real smart lady.
Mrs. Gump: Remember what I told you Forrest. You're different than anybody else is. Did you hear what I said, Forres You ' re the same as everybody else. You are rio different.
Gump: What's the matter, Mama ?
Mrs. Gump: l'm dying, Forrest, Come on in, sit down over here.
Gump: Why are you dying, Mama ?
Mrs. Gump: lt's my time lt's just my time. Oh, now.. don't you be afraid, sweet heart. Death is just a part of life. Something we 're all destined to do. I didn't know it, but I was destined to be your mama. I did the best I could.
Cump: You did good. Mama.
Mrs. Gump: Well... I happen to believe you make your own destiny. You have to do the best with what God gave you.
Gump: What's my destiny, Mama ?
Mrs. Cump: You're going to have to figure that out for yourself. Life is a box of chocolates, Forrest You never know what you're going to get.

阿甘:当我还小的时候,妈妈以内战时期的英雄钠森·本德福·福瑞斯特的名字给我起的名字D她说我们有什么亲戚关系,可是将军所做的是发起了三K党,他们都披着白床单,像一群鬼似的。他们还把白床单披在马上跑来跑去。不管怎样,这就是我名字的由来,福瑞斯特·阿甘。妈妈说这样可以提醒我记得做点什么,嗯,这都没关系。 (阿甘的双腿支架卡在了路边。)
阿甘:妈妈总是用我能听懂的方式来解释周围的事情。我们住的地方足巨离1 7号公路有四分之一英里,距离阿拉巴马州的格林堡镇半英里。我们住的房子是我妈妈的姥爷的姥爷的姥爷几百年前漂洋过海来美国时住的地方,就是这样。因为就我和妈妈一起住,空闲了许多房子,于是妈妈决定租出去,给那些过路的人过夜,这样我妈妈就有了经济收入。我妈妈真是个精明的人。