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CNN10 2020-09-15

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Another Hurricane Hits The U.S. Gulf Coast; Different Nations Give Different Reponses To Coronavirus; New Vehicle Makes A Popular Sport More Accessible. Aired 4-4:10a ET

Aired September 15, 2020 - 04:00:00 聽 ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Another storm, another state of emergency in Louisiana. Hi everyone. I'm Carl Azuz. We're grateful to have you watching this Tuesday. For the second time in less than three weeks, the U.S. Gulf Coast is bracing for a hurricane. The new storm is named Sally.

Forecasters weren't sure Monday exactly where it would make landfall. It appeared to be curving toward Mississippi but initially Sally was expected to make landfall in southeast Louisiana. And it was in southwestern Louisiana, near the Texas border, that Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27th. It killed six people in the state and caused widespread damage and flooding. Laura was an intense Category 4 hurricane when it came ashore.

The silver lining to Sally is that it's not that powerful. It was classified as tropical storm on Monday morning but Sally had strengthened to reach Category 1 hurricane status by the early afternoon with maximum sustained wind speeds of 85 miles per hour with higher gusts. And forecasters thought it could get stronger before making landfall on Tuesday morning.

All along the Gulf Coast, residents were preparing for heavy rain and the possibility of a deadly storm surge, a rise in seawater levels pushed ashore by an approaching hurricane. Mandatory evacuations are in effect for several parishes of Louisiana. That means that rescue operations may not be available for people who choose to stay. Nursing homes have started moving residents to other locations.

Jails have evacuated hundreds of inmates. One thing that could make Sally more difficult to deal with is its speed. The storm is moving relatively slowly so that could leave Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama exposed to its wind and rain for longer periods of time.

When Mississippi's governor signed a preliminary state of emergency, he said most of his state would be under storm conditions for 48 hours.

Satellites obviously play a role in gathering information like this about hurricanes but so do the planes that actually fly into them and the instruments these planes carry aboard.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why did you decide to become a hurricane hunter? Most people run away from hurricanes. You guys are actually flying directly into them. Why?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What I see when I'm out in the plane flying is a direct impact that we're able to make to help people protect themselves and their loved ones and their possessions. With the dropsonde, so when we actually release if from the plane, the chute is kind of tucked into the top.

And as this ejects out of the plane there's a little probe at the bottom that is going to collect all of our temperature, dew point, pressure, things like that. It actually gets wind speed and direction from the GPS unit embedded within it. So it collects the location at one spot. It collects the location at the next spot and then it calculates the distance and time it took.

And then this drag chute opens up, as it's coming out of the plane and the only purpose for this drag chute is to keep the sonde upright and falling at a correct amount, 2,500 feet per minute -- per minute. On a standard mission, we'll drop anywhere from 15 to 20 of these.

We -- we pick strategic points in the storm that are going to be important for forecasters to understand what the vertical structure of the storm looks like. And it's going to be critical points where the model needs that information, data to be able to -- to accurately depict how strong the storm is before it really starts forecasting forward.


AZUZ: Checking up now on the global coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the World Health Organization said there were more than 308,000 new coronavirus cases. That's in total worldwide and the organization says that's the biggest one day increase in infections since the disease started spreading outside China early this year.

Brazil, India and the United States recorded the most cases Sunday but the disease is not spread evenly around the world. For example, the continent of Africa has seen fewer cases and deaths from COVID-19 than other regions. Scientists don't know why.

Some think it may have to do with the antibodies Africans have developed after catching other coronaviruses. But it's a significantly different situation there than in places like Israel which just went on a second major lockdown after a surge in COVID cases. Just like the situation varies from state to state in America. It varies from nation to nation in Europe.


SCOTT MCLEAN, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: I'm Scott McLean in London where the summer is not quite over but the party definitely is. To try to tamp down a resurgence of the coronavirus starting today new rules go into effect across England which limit the maximum number of people allowed at a social gathering indoors or out from 30 people under the old rules, down to just six.

Last week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that the old rules had gotten too complicated and too confusing for people to follow, let alone for police to enforce. So he's promising that these new simplified rules will also come with stricter enforcement.

MELISSA BELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Melissa Bell in Paris. Here a new worrying record set on Saturday, the number of new cases above 10,000. The French prime minister spoke to the nation on Friday night saying that the figure he was really worried about was the rise in the number of hospitalizations. There is no suggestion though that France is headed to a second general lockdown.

With the French prime minister announcing that on the contrary, he was handing to local authorities now the responsibility of fresh measures to try and contain the latest rises. With Bordeaux and Marseille, two the big hotspots at the moment expected to give him today their plans for their measures to help bring the figures back under control.

DELIA GALLAGHER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Delia Gallagher in Rome. It's the first day back at school for most regions in Italy after nearly six months.

Some 8 million students will once again see their classrooms. Great excitement on the part of students. Some concern from teachers for their own health. Over 50 percent of Italy's teachers are over 50 years old.

That places them in a more vulnerable category for the virus. At this high school in Rome, the principal tells us they will do a rotation system where some students for a week in school and a week online learning from home. Across the country, school administrators telling us that they have done their best with the safety precautions. They hope the numbers will stay down and it will be a safe and somewhat normal school year for everyone.


AZUZ: TikTok may keep a ticking in the United States. We reported on August 26th how the Trump Administration was considering a ban on the Chinese application because it collects so much information from its users. And because that information could be shared with the Chinese government.

TikTok was given until September 20th to solve the problem. The company says, it isn't required to share its data with China and that it is suing the U.S. government over its plans. But a potential partnership could settle the whole issue.

American computer company Oracle is planning to become business partners with TikTok. We don't know exactly what their agreement is but if the information that the TikTok app collects is held by an American company the Trump Administration has indicated it may allow the app to remain available. Analysts say an agreement like this between TikTok and Oracle would be incredibly complicated so we wouldn't say the issue is solved yet.

10 Second Trivia. Which of these sport became an Olympic event in 1996? Badminton, Women's Judo, Mountain Biking or Baseball. The Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia featured cross country mountain biking for the first time.



AZUZ: There are a few things people say stink about the year 2020. Here's one they're lining up to get a whiff of, it's called a corpse flower and people can smell it if they want to at California's Roseville High School. A science teacher there says it's the only high school in America to have successfully raised a corpse flower which is native to Sumatra. So why does it stink? It's trying to attract flies and beetles with the smell of rotting flesh.

People from Sumatra are probably like, dude, a corpse is a corpse of corpse of corpse. But why would you want that scent "corpsing" through your nose?

It's not exactly "nostrthrilling". It may make your septum want to "deviate" and it leaves everyone who smells it "breathless."

I'm Carl Azuz for CNN 10. The students of Lindale High School certainly don't stink. They smell like success in Lindale, Texas. Thank you for subscribing and commenting on our YouTube channel.