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CNN10 2020-05-06

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A Neapolitan Pizzeria Embodies Part Of The Debate About When To Reopen Businesses; A U.S. Spaceport Looks Towards Space Tourism; Flamingos Arrive In Mumbai

Aired May 6, 2020 - 04:00:00 聽 ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: An interesting side effect that the global coronavirus pandemic robocalls are down and we're not hearing too many complaints about that. Welcome to CNN 10. I'm Carl Azuz.

Any phone call that features a recorded message instead of an actual person is a robocall. It could be a reminder to make a payment, refill a prescription or vote for a political candidate. It could be an illegal attempt to sell you something or to scam you out of money for things like fake coronavirus tests. But with international call centers shutdown because of COVID-19 and with governments trying to prevent scams related to the disease, robocalls dropped 40 percent between February and April according to a U.S. robocall prevention service.

But the head of UMails (ph) says he expects a lot of these calls to be ringing again by the end of the summer as social distancing rules are relaxed and businesses come back online. There's a lot of tension in the United States and beyond about when, where and how to reopen areas that have been shutdown.

Businesses that have seen zero revenue for six weeks or more have still had to pay their rent and taxes and some have continued to pay their employees.

People who've been laid off haven't been able to earn a living and they have bills of their own that are stacking up.

On the other side of that are concerns that allowing stores to reopen too soon and allowing people to gather in large numbers again could lead to more coronavirus cases and deaths. So there's no one clear answer that economists, health officials and workers agree on when it comes to lifting lockdowns.

Italy was once the epicenter of COVID-19 cases in Europe. When we produced this show it'd seen more deaths from the disease than any other country on the continent. And the plight of a pizzeria in Naples is one example of a large scale struggle.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Gallio (ph) is busy, busier than he's been in more than 50 days. Monday, Italy's nationwide lockdown was eased and L'Antica Pizzeria de Micali (ph) is now back in business but only for take away and home delivery. A year ago, the restaurant would be full and there'd be maybe 20 people waiting outside Dario (ph) tells me. It was here that Julia Roberts ate pizza in "Eat, Pray, Love" but today she'd have to do her eating outside. This pizzeria opened 150 years ago. In that time, it stayed open during a cholera epidemic and the entire second World War.

It only shut its doors when coronavirus came to town. Now Neapolitani can be reunited with their beloved pizza which local lore insists was invented here. Juliano and Francesca (ph) (inaudible) homemade pizza during the lockdown but it just wasn't the same. For us Neapolitani to go without pizza for this long is almost impossible says Juliano (ph). Bruno (ph) is happy to get his pizza again but worries people, especially the young are letting down their guard.

Everyone is together, he says. It's more dangerous now than a month ago as far as I'm concerned but the pizza's getting cold so goodbye. This pizzeria has been in the same family for five generations. Closure can cost. It was depressing says Sergio Condurro. We have 17 workers which means 17 families and then there are producers of tomatoes and flour and mozzarella. Lockdown created pockets of poverty. Now some stomachs and pockets can be filled again.


AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. What is the oldest state capital in the United States? Richmond, Virginia, Boston, Massachusetts, Sacramento, California, or Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe was established by the Spanish in 1610 making it the oldest state capital in the country.

The state of New Mexico is also home to Spaceport America. A take off and landing site for spacecraft that opened in 2011. The facility has seen its share of delays, setbacks and criticism since then. It's $220 million cost has been funded by taxpayers and one of the main reasons for building it was to accommodate space tourism and that hasn't taken off yet. This is now one of several spaceports that have been built in the United States.

Critics say there are now more of these facilities than there is business for them but there was a successful test flight at Spaceport America last week. Virgin Galactic, which is the main tenant there, completed an unpowered flight in its spaceship two-vehicle and that was seen as another step towards space tourism.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The future of travel can take place here, someday. This is Spaceport America in New Mexico. A place where you can buy a ticket for a future ride to space.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For decades NASA has dominated the space industry but over the last 10 years or so entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Amazon's Jeff Bezos have injected billions into the field. They're looking to make space travel commercial.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it's important --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to make space accessible to everyone.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That -- that would be the (inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Virgin Galactic plans to shuttle customers into suborbital space for a quarter million dollars each and they plan to do it from a facility like this. They're not alone. XCOR, Aerospace, Worldview also have plans to send people to space but the tourism industry is just one part of commercializing space. Economists who studied the field said the real money maker will be something called point to point travel.

Imagine, traveling by space plane from London to Singapore in an hour or from Los Angeles to London in a couple of hours.

These ships once they're tested and approved could be the Concord of the 21st century. Zipping people and packages around the globe ultra fast.

Innovating for the future, travel is a huge task and will take time. Point to point is still in its infancy and commercial space tourism has yet to find its legs and there are setbacks along the way. Virgin Galactic, a company considered by many to be leading the pack in commercial space tourism, suffered a major setback during a test flight. One of their space planes flying over the Mojave came apart killing one pilot and injuring another.

As it grows, the commercial space industry is having to overcome some of the same issues it's predecessors like NASA faced, fire, explosions and losses of life. But those leading the way like Virgin's Branson say despite the challenges and setbacks, they too are enduring. They will push ahead.

SIR RICHARD BRANSON, FOUNDER, VIRGIN GROUP: In the early days of aviation, there were incidents and -- and then aviation became very safe. We're going to learn from what went wrong, discover how we can improve safety and performance and then move forward together.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are nine spaceports in the country and more are planned in the coming years. When commercial space flights take off, they'll launch from places like this one. Will building like Spaceport American and others one day shuttle paying customers back and forth to space? We can't say for sure but at one point the idea of a race to the moon must have been pretty daunting as well.


AZUZ: For 10 out of 10, it's not unusual to see the wetlands around Mumbai, India turn pink this time of year. A flamboyance of flamingos, that's what a group of flamingos are called. They migrate to India's second largest city in the winter months to get a bite to eat. But because there's less human activity this time around due to the country's lockdown, it's possible the number of flamingos in 2020 could surpass last year's record of 134,000. And that would set the old high water mark a "flame-mingo".

They don't really cause a "flap" unless residents want them to "flamingo" somewhere else. Some appreciate the colorful scene. Some say it fit's the "bill". Some say the fun is just "pink ginning". But for critics, it's for the "birds" ya'll.

I'm Carl Azuz. Bethune, France is where we wrap up today's show where the students of Saint Dominique High School. Thank you for watching from France and from YouTube.