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CNN 10 - January 17, 2019

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Terror Attacks in Syria and Kenya; World Economic Forum Faces Challenges; Plant-Based Versions of Sushi and Nutrition Bars

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CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz. Thank you for taking 10 for CNN 10. U.S. military officials are investigating a terrorist attack that happened in Northern Syria Wednesday. U.S. Central Command says four Americans were killed. Two were U.S. service members. One was a civilian with the Department of Defense and one was a DOD contractor. The attack apparently took place while U.S. troops were on a routine patrol in the city of Mambidge and the terrorist group ISIS which stands for Islamic State In Iraq and Syria claimed it was responsible.

It said the assault was carried out by a suicide bomber wearing explosives. The U.S. has about 2,000 troops serving in Syria. Before Wednesday`s attack, two American service members had been killed in action there since the current operation began in 2014. The attack happened less than a month after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that American troops would leave the Middle Eastern country and that ISIS was beaten badly. Kurdish military leaders in Syria say troops can push ISIS out of towns but that Northern Syria is still filled with sleeper cells.

Small groups of terrorists that live quietly in an area until they`re ordered to attack. Officials say the threat from them is very hard to get rid of. About 2,600 miles south in the African nation of Kenya, there was another terrorist attack this week that killed at least 21 people in the capital of Nairobi. It started after a car bomb went off Tuesday afternoon followed by an assault by several gunmen on a hotel complex. This attack was claimed by Al-Shabaab. An Islamist militant group based in neighboring Somalia.

The assault lasted for hours before Kenyan security forces quote "eliminated" all the terrorists. Dozens of people were injured and Kenya`s president says more than 700 were safely evacuated. Tourism is an important part of Kenya`s economy and terrorist attacks have hurt the industry in the past.

10 Second Trivia. In which of these nations is Romansh an official language? Austria, Italy, Romania or Switzerland. Romansh is spoken in a region of eastern Switzerland and is one of the country`s four official languages.

The World Economic Forum is getting ready to meet next week in Davos, that`s a resort in eastern Switzerland. It`s the 49th annual meeting of the group. It brings together thousands of the world`s political and business leaders. And one big goal of the forum is to promote and develop globalization when international businesses and governments become more closely connected. It`s a controversial issue and it`s not supported by everyone who`s attended the forum.


JULIA CHATTERLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: High in the Swiss Alps under the breathtaking vistas and pristine air, the Davos dream of global connectivity and cooperation is facing a bumpy ride. Some say it may be downhill from here for the Davos` elites.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The vision of Davos, which is that everybody`s coming together has really been shattered over the last year. There are so many issues facing globalization right now. In fact, it`s hard to think of something positive for globalization.

CHATTERLEY: And what a year it`s been since the last Davos. From anti- elite Yellow Vest Protests in France to populist wins at the ballot box in Brazil, Mexico, and Italy. And strongmen consolidating powering countries

like Turkey and Hungry. It`s not just America First.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Make America great again. Right?

CHATTERLEY: It`s the fear of every nation out for itself everywhere.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In Davos, you`re probably going to hear a lot about a tri-polar world. U.S. is going one direction. Europe is going another and China in some of the emerging markets are going a third.

CHATTERLEY: But Davos won`t be all gloom and doom. Yes, global growth may be slowing but the U.S. economy`s on solid footing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think we`re actually in a good place - -

CHATTERLEY: And certain central bankers are saying they`ll be patient. The big hope of cause for possibility of a U.S.-China trade deal coming this year too. And there`s going to be the usual discussion about technology, disruption and innovation. After a rough 2018, it could be tough going. Davos men and Davos women are simply hoping to stay on their feet. Julia Chatterley, CNN.


CARL AZUZ: Plant burgers, bean burgers, veggie burgers, there`s no shortage of companies trying to develop alternatives to meat. What about sushi? Specifically tuna made without tuna fish but instead from tomatoes, sesame oil and soy sauce. Some foodies say serious sushi sticklers may not spring for it but several others have. When it comes to seafood are there more than fish in the sea?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The human population is growing exponentially. In 1800, there were about a billion people on earth. Today, there`s more than seven times that and by 2100 estimates say there could be nearly 12 billion people around the globe. That rapid growth comes with lots of problems.

One of the biggest, our food supply may not be able to keep up. When it comes to seafood, the rising number of consumers mixed with the growing popularity of foods like sushi has led to over fishing. The Pacific blue fin tuna is a sushi staple. Its population has fallen 97 percent.

JAMES CORWELL: Demand is only getting higher and higher and higher and one of the big problems we have today is that we are over fishing tuna. And it`s only at 3 percent at the height of it`s stock.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s James Corwell. He`s been a chef for over 30 years and he`s the founder of a company called Ocean Hugger Foods. His solution to the dwindling tuna population? Tomatoes. Stay with me.

CORWELL: There`s five tastes. So we have - - we`re familiar with sweet, sour, salty, bitter but there`s a fifth taste called umami and that refers to savory. In sushi in particularly, you know, the soy sauce, you know, rice is high in umami. Seaweed is high in umami. You know, the tuna, that`s high in umami. But also what`s high in umami are tomatoes. The only problem was - - is you wouldn`t have a great sushi experience. Hamei tastes like tomatoes so the real technology that we developed came from the process on how to remove that tomato flavor. Keep great texture but create this kind of neutral platform more sucari (ph), Japanese flavors or Latin American flavors or Mediterranean flavor.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So - - the tomato is a vehicle to get those flavors into your mouth.

CORWELL: Exactly.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ocean Hugger makes plant based alternatives to seafood. The tomato tuna is called Hamei. The company`s also working on salmon made from carrots and eel made from eggplant.

Well now let`s dig in.

CORWELL: All right.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right. We`re going to dip in a little of the soy sauce. It really does look like tuna. Wow.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. That`s really good. Right now what`s happening in sushi roll form. I`m not very good at chopsticks. I would totally - - totally grab this for lunch in opposed to the regular tuna.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I don`t have to worry about the mercury and I don`t have to worry about, like, you know, killing - -

CORWELL: (Inaudible)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: - - tuna. So I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, it actually tasted good. But if we look even further into the future, there will be less useable land to grow crops like tomatoes and carrots. That`s where some scientists think algae comes in. Yes. Algae. Like pond scum.

It may not sound very appetizing but algae is actually high in protein and it can grow where other crops can`t. All you need is sunlight, air and water. We`re not in dire need of algae based snacks just yet but one company called Nonfood wants to get ahead of the curve.

Eww it smells. Their first product is called nonwar (ph) and instead of trying to emulate flavors we already know and love, they decided to embrace the algae. So I`m going to try this. Smells a little funky. I`m not going to lie. I mean, it`s going to take some getting used to.


CARL AZUZ: On Twitter, the city of Westbrook, Maine says it looks like the moon has landed. If you don`t know what this is, we`ll pause it for a second so you can take a guess. OK. Give up? It`s an ice disc that formed in a river that passes through the city. It`s 100 yards in diameter. It`s natural but scientists say it`s pretty rare and that this one likely rotates the way it does because the current of the passing water pushes that way.

So if you`re where it`s brisk and you stumble on a disc. Do not take a risk and let it take you for a whisk. The ice is pretty thin. You won`t want to take a spin. It may give you quite a grin but you could fall right in. So take it all right in, make our show begin again. It`s to no one`s chagrin watched on CNN 10. When it comes to ice, keeping distance is quite wise. Far better you just view it and maybe fall right through it. I`m Carl Azuz and that`s all we have to "disc"us on CNN.