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China asks foreign governments for help to arrest six wanted terrorist suspects and hand them over to China.
A Russian arms dealer gets sentenced to 25 years in prison in New York for attempting to sell weapons to Colombian terrorists who were targeting Americans.
New Zealand launches a China Council to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
And China's first Sino-American university -- NYU Shanghai, is set to open in 2013.

Hot Issue Reports

Ministry of Public Security Publishes Wanted List of Terrorist Suspects
The Chinese Ministry of Public Security has published a list of six wanted terrorist suspects, along with their photographs and their crimes.

The Ministry says the six were all core members of the terrorist group "East Turkistan Islamic Movement" or ETIM and have planned and executed terrorist acts against Chinese targets within and outside the country.

China hoped that foreign governments would help to arrest the six and hand them over to China.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Hong Lei,

"This organisation's violent terror activities seriously threaten not only China's national security, but also the peace and tranquility of the region and the world. We hope that the countries concerned are unified and as one in together fighting terrorism to maintain the peace and stability of the world."

Chinese police have struck a heavy blow to the ETIM in recent years by cracking dozens of cases of terrorist acts and foiling many terrorist attempts.

China adopted an anti-terror bill that legally defined terrorists last year.

U.N. Security Council Asks for Visible Implementation of Annan's "Six Points" as Deadline Approaches
The U.N. Security Council has now agreed a presidential statement calling on Syria to "urgently and visibly" implement joint Envoy Kofi Annan's proposal before the April 10 deadline.

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the UN who holds the rotating council presidency for April:

"The Security Council calls upon the Syrian government to implement urgently and visibly its commitments, as it agreed to do in its communication to the envoy of one April. To A: cease troop movement toward population centres, B: cease all use of heavy weapons in such centres, and C: begin pull back of military concentrations in and around population centres, and to fulfil these in their entirety by no later than ten April 2012."

The presidential statement also calls upon all parties to immediately implement a daily two hour humanitarian ceasefire to give the Syrian people access to international assistance.

The statement came after Special Envoy Annan's latest briefing indicated the situation on the ground in Syria continues to deteriorate.

The presidential statement also raised the possibility of further steps if Syria doesn't implement the six-point peace plan outlined by Annan, which President Assad agreed to on April 1.

U.S. Sentences 'Merchant of Death' to 25 Years in Jail
A Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout has been sentenced in New York to 25 years in prison.

The 45-year-old was dubbed the "Merchant of Death" for his alleged history of arming violent dictators and regimes.

U.S. prosecutors say the ex-Soviet officer was ready to sell up to 20 million US Dollars in weapons including surface-to-air missiles.

They also say that Bout has sold weapons to dictators and guerrilla forces in Africa, South America and the Middle East.

But Albert Dayan, Boat's attorney, maintained that Bout is the victim of entrapment.

"He was prejudiced in the eyes of the American jury, who heard terrible language about killing Americans. He was trapped into saying those awful things about Americans."

Moscow chided the United States for the sentence, calling the verdict biased and politically motivated.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says Moscow would take all necessary efforts to bring Bout back to his homeland in all possible political, diplomatic and legal ways.

New Zealand Launches a Special Council to Strengthen Knowledge of China
New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully delivered a speech Friday morning at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing. His speech emphasized the launch of a New Zealand China Council to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. CRI's Xu Fei has more.

Describing New Zealand as a small country with big ideas, McCully noted in his speech on the last day of his three-day visit to China that the New Zealand government launched a China strategy in February.

The strategy sets out a clear direction for the New Zealand government's engagement with China -- its second-largest bilateral trading partner -- over a five-year period, including the establishment of a special council to lead Partnership Forum events and strengthen bilateral ties.

"We are also in the process of establishing a New Zealand China Council to strengthen domestic knowledge of China in New Zealand. Former Foreign Minister Sir Don McKinnon has been appointed to lead the formation of the council."

McCully added that the Council would bring together business and political leaders as well as academics and cultural leaders with connections to China across many facets of the bilateral relationship. Under the arrangement of the council, a high-level partnership forum is scheduled to be launched later this year to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between the two nations.

The New Zealand Foreign Minister also revealed that one of the goals for his China trip was to seek China's support for New Zealand's attempt to seek a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2015 and 2016.

"I know that your government does not take positions on these matters as part of the permanent Security Council representation, but I have taken the opportunity while I've been here to remind the senior figures in your government of New Zealand's excellent credentials and hope that we'll secure support from China."

During his three-day stay in China, McCully held talks with Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang and his Chinese counterpart, Yang Jiechi, on enhancing trade, education, tourism and cultural links to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral ties.

McCully said a number of New Zealand ministers would visit China to mark the occasion and further broaden high-level engagement between the two countries.

China is New Zealand's second-largest export destination. In 2011 alone, New Zealand's exports to China totaled 4.89 billion U.S. dollars, a 22-percent increase over the amount in 2010.

For CRI, I'm Xu Fei.

U.S. Coast Guard Fired down Japanese Ghost Ship off the Coast of Alaska
The U.S. Coast Guard has opened fire on a derelict Japanese fishing vessel off the coast of Alaska. They are aiming to sink the vessel and eliminate its threat to shipping.

The abandoned ship, named the Ryou-Un Maru, was washed out to sea by last year's devastating tsunami in Japan.

Walter Cadwaller had expressed an interest in salvaging the abandoned ship, but once on the scene the captain decided it was too risky.

"Well they wanted to go up there and assess the vessel and see what the condition was and everything and claim salvage rights if they could. Somehow it had ruptured a fuel tank internally and there was fuel and oil from one end of the boat to the other."

The ship's Japanese owner has also said it has no plans to salvage the vessel, despite its being loaded with 2,100 gallons of diesel fuel.

Most of the tsunami debris expected to hit U.S. coastlines is predicted to arrive in 2013 or later.

New Programs to Aid Small Business
China's capital market regulator is accelerating the launch of a unique national pilot program for issuing privately raised company bonds.

The measures aim to help small and medium-sized companies raise money outside the stock market and bank credit.

An anonymous official from the CSRC said that a draft may be released soon to solicit opinions. He added that the OTC market won't divert money away from the stock market.

"The purpose of the OTC market is focusing on transactions other than raising money. The main participants in the OTC market will be industry capital and institutional investors, such as private equity and venture capital. So the development of the unique national OTC market will not give unfavorable influence to exchange trading."

China has had a trial platform in Beijing for share transfers of non-listed companies since 2006. The total money raised directly was only 1.7 billion yuan, about 270 million US dollars.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange are jointly making policies for small-scale companies to issue privately raised bonds.

The return rate ceiling of this high-risk bond is set at three times the benchmark debt interest rate.

First China-US Co-sponsored University to Open in Shanghai
New York University (NYU) Shanghai, the first university jointly runs by China and the United States, will enroll its first undergraduates in 2013.

Yu Lizong, President of NYU Shanghai calls the university an "experimental field" for international cooperation in higher education.

"We hope to attract excellent students from all over the world and employ the world's most distinguished professors to build a multi-lingual, multicultural, multi-ethnic first-class international university."

NYU Shanghai's campus, which will be finished in the summer of 2014, is expected to be a magnet for student talent from around the world, with up to half the students from China.

President and CEO of the Institute of International Education Dr. Allan E. Goodman explains.

"I wish that we could teach lots, lots of amazing, intelligent students. There are so many, but we are going to be very, very restricted. Only the very best students in the world will be able to come to study in Shanghai."

Students here can spend as many as three semesters studying in New York, in Abu Dhabi, or in one of the other NYU global sites that form what the University calls its "circulatory system."

NYU Shanghai will recruit as many as 3,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

China's Consumption
A Hong Kong based economist warns that China's consumption boom might be drawing to a close in an era of deflation and weaker spending.

According to Jim Walker, founder and managing director of the Hong Kong-based Asianomics, investments leveraged to the rise of the Chinese consumer, ranging from Australian miners to luxury-handbag makers and even iPhones are due for a reality check.

Vice premier Li Keqiang said on the Boao Forum earlier this week that China would continue to boost domestic consumption and promote trade as part of efforts to restructure its economy.

For more on China's consumption, CRI's Chen Mo talked to Philip Smiley, CEO of Kantar Retail Asia Pacific, based in Shanghai, and a moderator at the 2012 World Retail Congress in Beijing.

China Boosts Retail Sales through National Promotion
China's Ministry of Commerce has launched the 2012 Consumption Promotion Month between April 2 and May 4. Various promotions by retailers are being seen in many cities across the country. Local authorities say they expect the promotion to bring a 20 percent increase in sales.

Zhang Wan takes a closer look.

More than 80,000 enterprises in China, including shopping malls, restaurants and other retailers, are planning about 800 themed promotion activities around the country. These activities are expected to focus on brand promotion, credit, online shopping, green buying and healthy food.

Also, eight large banks in the country are carrying out a privileged policy for consumers who buy durable goods via installments, such as home appliances. Jiang Zengwei, vice minister of commerce explains.

"We hope to offer consumers high quality goods at lower prices. What's more important is that we enhance the service quality and crack down on fake and substandard goods. And the food safety issue concerning all consumers is expected to be addressed through this consumption promotion month."

In Wuxi, Jiangsu province, consumer goods expos are being held, and some home appliance retailers have lowered their prices by 30 percent. Home appliance retailer Suning is one of them. Zheng Baoji, head of the retailer in Wuxi explains.

"We tag these necessary home appliances at very low prices. Consumers, who have the certificate for urban lowest income families, authorized by the local civil administration bureau, will be able to get the home appliances from us at the low prices."

Low prices will always be attractive to consumers. However, what consumers are concerned with the most is sometimes quality and service, not just price.

One consumer says that what she cares about the most is food safety. She doesn't want to get fake or substandard goods or services bought at lower prices.

Mi Junchu, head of Wuxi Bureau of Commerce says they believe the consumption promotion month will bring a good result.

"Looking at the first three month of 2012, domestic consumption was unremarkable. We hope through the consumption promotion month in April, retail volume will increase by more than 20 percent."

Apart from that in Wuxi, consumption promotion activities are also organized in other cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Ningbo in Zhejiang province.

According to the official website of the Ningbo government, seven categories of themed activities will be carried out during the consumption month, including brand exhibitions, online shopping campaigns, and food expos.

In the first two months of 2012, retail sales decreased about 3.4 percent compared to that in December last year.

In order to create more demand and drive the upgrade of consumption structure, the central government will give more financial support this year in motivating commerce and consumption.

For CRI, I am Zhang Wan.

China Daily Reports

The Pudgy Penguin, famous icon of China's biggest internet company Tencent Holdings Limited may be joining hands with Donald Duck to expand in to the Chinese animation industry.

Tencent are negotiating with Walt Disney on a cooperation deal with sources from tencent saying there's a 50 percent certainty the deal will be done.

Recently Tencent has expressed intentions of exploring the animation sector even more by developing spin offs and Disney of course, looking for a platform in China to expand their own brand, especially with a theme park in Shanghai EXPECTED BY 2015.

China's animation programs are mostly featured on the television, and for low prices, so profits have been thin.

Additionally, according to some analysts, they're seen as a symbol of knock offs, in which case a deal with Disney might help them develop original products.
Goldman Sachs incorporated recommend the purchase of Tencent, saying their strategies in online games, social networking and the mobile Internet could lead to more profits.

Some encouragement for Disney there to sign the deal if it comes to that.


Associated Press reports a guest house in eastern Germany showing off its star attraction to guests C a rabbit, with no ears.

Yes, the Eichenhof guesthouse in the town of Bennewitz have their guests in shock and awe, as they introduce them to 9 month old Keinohrhase C which in German means 'rabbit without ears', no surprises there.

However, the owners have renamed Keinohrhase to 'Pinoccio' because they didn't like the fact that the name basically described his physical condition as well.

By the way, Pinoccio in german means 'having a long nose.

Owners and staff at the Eichenhof guest house say none of their guests ever believe they have a rabbit without ears, so they show them Pinoccio, which surprises or amazes them.


Now Huffington post reporting a teenage burglary suspect being identified by police from his signature dance moves on security camera footage.

This teenage boy in Galveston, Texas along with two others, broke in the vehicle used for tours, sprayed the inside with a fire extinguisher, then stole the extinguisher.

The touring company "Duck Tours" uses the vehicle to drive sightseers along Galveston and ferry them across Galveston Bay.

Now the footage was released showing the 16 year old suspect chatting with others before doing the same dance moves which he's known for doing on the hallways of his school.

The other two suspects have been identified from still photos but none of them are being named.


Finally, MSNBC reports a town in Wyoming, USA being sold to businessmen for 900,000 US Dollars.

If that surprises you, wait till you hear the population of the town C 1.

61 year old Dan Sammons, originally moved from California in 1980 to Buford C that's the name of the town, moved there with his wife and son. His wife expired a few years ago and his son has since moved away.

Sammons describes himself as C a man with his own zip code, own town, own gas station and trading post. Phone lines to the trading post have been disconnected though since he's moved away a few months ago.

He obviously decided to retire from his position of mayor, store clerk and mechanic of Buford.

Sammons, managed the town's liquor sales, hardware sales, gas pump and even hot dog warmer. The town of Buford was originally listed at a meager 100,000 dollars but since buyers since 70 countries bid for it, the price went up to 900,000!